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Digitizing Your Logo

One time fee: $50
Digitizing is the indispensable foundation of any embroidered design. In essence, digitizing is the sophisticated process of converting text or a printed design into an embroidery format. The output of this conversion is a set of instructions that directs the embroidery machine to know whatthread color to sew and where to place each stitch, culminating in a thread based mirror image of the original.
The specialized field of digitizing requires an artist’s skill coupled with a precise understanding of graphics, text and imaging.

1. Select an embroiderable garment

Head over to the these websites to find the perfect apparel or specialty item

2. Select where you want the embroidery to appear on the garment

3. Submit Artwork

Keep in mind, small text, fine detail, and color gradients can be difficult to reproduce with embroidery. Additionally the level of detail that can be reproduced is affected by the type of fabric the logo is stitched on. 



Whether you're motivating employees, thanking clients, or launching a new brand, decorated apparel and promotional products will keep your logo front and center every day. All of our embroidering is done at Promos Unlimited, so we can ensure that you will receive exactly what you envision.


Create an attention grabbing, 3-D effect! Embroidery is stitched over a foam base, which creates a raised graphic effect similar to logos on major league sports hats. 3D foam effects are great for designs with no thin/narrow lines or fonts.
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